Playgroup Singapore
moral values
are taught
at their very roots...

At Charis, we take pride to journey with your children and nurture them to be great people that can make a difference in tomorrow’s world.

Our Programmes

Christian Preschool Singapore Playgroup Nursery Programme
Montessori Preschool Singapore Preschool Programme
Kindergarten Singapore Montessori Phonics
Childcare Singapore Montessori Math

At Charis, each child varied abilities are taken into account. Varied ability learner will be engaged in programmes to allow them to achieve their individual best.

About Us

Welcome to Charis Montessori.

Since 1999, Charis Montessori started off through sowing the seed of love to the young children. Charis in Greek means Grace, Kindness and favor.

Our Teachers

Learning is fundamental. Where would you be without all the great teachers who spent time helping you learn about yourself and the world? At Charis Montessori, our teachers make all the difference in the education of our student. We believe that we have the most dedicated, hardworking, committed, competent and compassionate teachers in the field of education.